The Indispensible SBPDL

Perhaps my biggest qualm with the blog, Stuff Black People Don’t Like is that its acronym is nearly impossible to say correctly on the first try. If FDR never made an acronym that hard, which given how many he created, would be statistically likely, “Paul Kersey” — the creator of the blog, should have been able to do better. Outside of this minor issue, however, his blog and its expansive archives are an incredible resource.

Within the unauthorized right, the media blackout (no pun intended) of interracial crime in the black-on-white direction is well understood. But that by no means implies that I want to spend a great deal of my time digging around the Internet in search of genuine reporting on the matter. Quite frankly, I want someone else to do it for me. From what I can tell, there are four competitors in this field: SBPDL, The Daily Kenn, American Renaissance, and Top Conservative News. All do an excellent job in curating news stories from an incredible array of sources, and all are equally well intentioned, but what makes SBPDL shine is the commentary it provides. Like the above sites, it produces reports on the general anti-white state of American culture, but a service it provides that is completely unique, is its commentary on each news item. While other sites merely curate,SBPDL, digs in and highlights the details.

Take for example the news item of a few months ago that SBPDL reported on, when five black women attacked a white woman, resulting in the latter needing forty-seven stitches in her face. A story worthy of note, certainly, but SBPDL dug deeper, and discovered that after the fact both the victim and the victim’s mother made a public of show of their anti-racist beliefs. SBPDL even found a comments thread of the news story in which one commenter posted a link to photos of the injured woman on Top Conservative News, only to be chastised for racism by another commenter… who was the victim herself. Meticulous attention to detail is something I find very rare these days, but is in full force on SBPDL.

Another charm the blog has, is its straightforward, and sometimes amusingly sarcastic tone. While it is important to flesh out ideas in lengthy articles, detailing the reasons behind beliefs and standards, it is also important for others to demonstrate an unapologetic holding of those beliefs. SBPDL is a fantastic example of always asserting oneself from a position of strength, as opposed to The American Conservative, which seems to always be apologizing for its stances. When the blog called for a boycott of McDonald’s, which is a company obsessed with proving its love of diversity, in addition to shelling out awful food, one commenter lashed out, saying:

Overstating the case by claiming McDonald’s has NO nutritional value make you little different from the nanny-state socialists who want to ban or unconstitutionally tax fast-food. We all know there are better ways to get nutrition without the concomitant junk to be found in most of McDonald’s products.

To which SBPDL responded:

I’m not a libertarian. I’d have no problem closing every McDonald’s tomorrow. Read my article on ‘The Founding Documents’ and you’ll realize I rarely quote the Constitution or other documents of that nature here.

And what does the blog have to say about the Constitution? Another example of strength:

Though Black people do not like the founding documents, they do not like the idea that one day white people will lose complete attachments to these long dead documents either.

SBDPL is reminded of the most poignant scene from the 2004 Troy, the one where Paris hands the sword safeguarding Trojans continued existence to Aeneas. This, this is the thought that Black people truly don’t like: when white people give up on the United States and decide to safeguard their lives, liberty and sacred honor (for their progeny) elsewhere.

Do not misunderstand me, I am not here to endorse the (terrible) movie Troy, but the point is understood. In a nation where not even purportedly conservative publications will carry John Derbyshire (not because he is an atheist mind you, just because he is racist), it is amazing that one resource exists in which so much of what is undocumented, is documented. For this I am grateful, but also fearful, lest “Paul Kersey” should find himself on a list with Gary Webb, Danny Casolaro, James Hatfield, and plenty of others.

Originally published by Chronicles on April 28th, 2014. Republished by Alternative Right on January 7th, 2015.

The Indispensible SBPDL

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